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"Unlocking the silent struggle - Exploring Men's mental health"


Join us for a thought-provoking seminar, delving into the often-overlooked realm of men's mental health. In this enlightening session, we'll navigate the intricate landscape of depression and suicide, uncovering the societal pressures and stigmas that contribute to these challenges. Discover why men grapple with emotional expression and learn valuable insights into understanding emotions and enhancing emotional intelligence. Explore the weight of guilt and shame and how they shape men's mental wellbeing. Engage in an open dialogue during our Q&A session, where we'll address pertinent questions and foster a supportive environment for growth and understanding.

Don't miss this opportunity to shed light on men's mental health and empower positive change.

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Talk2 Counselling & Psychothrapy


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Talk2 Counselling & Psychothrapy

Talk2 Counselling

working together - moving forwards

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ABOUT roddy

I am a warm, caring, understanding and empathic person who is hugely passionate about psychotherapy and about helping others come to a place of freedom.  


I totally believe in the transforming power of the therapeutic relationship. I have seen it transform my own life and the lives of countless others that I have counselled. I am now in the privileged position of using this passion to help enable and empower others to turn their own lives around as well.

I grew up in a fairly dysfunctional home, I can remember as a young child having feelings of depression, fear, anxiety and stress. These stresses had an impact on my physical and mental health and the feelings and fears never really left me and they would rear their unhelpful ugly head at various moments and inopportune times throughout my adult life.

This then led to severe depression,  marriage break-up, and divorce, followed by all sorts of other emotional and physical problems in my life. 

When I embarked on my counselling career it had such a massive impact on my own life that it quite literally turned my life around.

Suddenly, I was seeing the reasons for all my behaviours and understanding my thoughts and my feelings. It was totally overwhelming, but it was also absolutely transformational for me.

I was hooked!


I was so impacted by the things that I was learning and the counselling I myself received, that I went on to become a qualified Psychotherapist. 


I have become so passionate about the study and process of psychotherapy that I am constantly undertaking Training courses and CPD (Continuous Professional Development) courses to further improve and build on my training, so that I can be the very best counsellor and the very best me that I can be and this, in turn, helps with whatever a client may bring to the counselling room.


For those curious about which model I use, I am an integrative psychotherapist. Integrative simply means that I have been trained in several different models and have integrated 'the best bits' of each model into how I work.

I am trained in the following models: 

REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy)

Psychodynamic counselling

Person Centred Counselling

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

TA (Transactional Analysis)

Creative Counselling


Christian Counselling (Crabb/CWR Model)

Integrative Couples Counselling based on the work of John Gottman, Sue Johnson and Imago therapy

And I have further training on:

Suicide Intervention 

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing 



Attachment & recovery

Trauma & Neuroscience

Sexual Abuse

Panic Attacks

Inner Child Therapy

Bereavement and Loss

Borderline Personality Disorders

Couples in Sex and Porn addiction

Creative Counselling

Testimony Previews:

"Roddy has been a huge support and has been fundamental in getting my mind sorted and back on track. I would recommend anyone who is even considering counselling to get in touch with Roddy - it may just be the most important call you make..."

 "I found that he created a brilliant environment in which it was easy to talk through things, clearly identify issues and discuss different strategies..."

"Overall the counselling sessions that I had with Roddy have been a fantastic form of support, at a time when I really needed it..."

"I was severely anxious when I first came to counselling with Roddy but I immediately felt comfortable, respected and heard..."

"I cannot overemphasise the help that I have received from Roddy. For the first time in my life, I felt that I was treated like a normal human being, not just a condition..."

"Hi Roddy – I wanted to say thank you for the session last week.  It’s already made a huge difference..."

"I benefitted massively from the counselling sessions with Roddy. Having had some counselling before I kind of knew what to expect but from our first session I found that he created a brilliant environment in which it was easy to talk through things, clearly identify issues and discuss different strategies..."

"I have recommended others to Roddy as I found him a compassionate, understanding and insightful Counsellor, who helped me restore a very damaged relationship with a loved one. Thank you Roddy for all you do."

Roddy has a knack of revealing and crystallising golden nuggets of truth, which have been buried under murky lies for many years.


Roddy is a Fully Qualified Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Clinical Supervisor 



Mental health crisis helplines

Why do people come for counselling?

When the pain of staying the same, becomes greater than the pain of change, then and only then, are we willing to invest in the process of transformation.   

So what brings someone to that place of deciding to invest in change? 

Just as no two people are the same, no two reasons are the same either. I have listed some of the more common reasons that people come for counselling and it could be any one of these or, more likely,  a combination of the reasons listed below.

Whatever the reason you've decided that you need or wish to come, you've already taken a huge first step.


Don't fall for the lie that says, to ask for help is a sign of weakness, actually, to ask for help is a sign of strength, and furthermore, it is a necessary step towards your journey of freedom. 

"In a very real sense, we are all aliens on a strange planet. We spend most of our lives reaching out and trying to communicate. If during our whole lifetime, we could reach out and really communicate with just two people, we are indeed very fortunate".  Gene Roddenberry  

Take the next step now and make contact with me and let's see if together we can really connect and work towards your goal and find some freedom.  


With that in mind, I offer a free 30-minute 'intro' session. This session is there for you to ask any questions you may want to ask me and is offered to help us both decide if we would be a 'good fit' to work together. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon. 


Please go to my contact page and either phone me, send me a text or e-mail me and I will get back to you as soon as possible, (usually within 24 hours). 

The following are just some of the reasons why people come for counselling:

Abortion, Abuse, Addictions, Affairs and Betrayals, Alcoholism, Anger, Anorexia nervosa, Anxiety, Attachment wounds and disorders, Bereavement, Binge eating, Bipolar disorder, Borderline personality disorders, Boundaries, Bullying, Co-Dependency issues, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Couple counselling, Depression, Domestic Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Emotional distress, Eating disorders, Family issues, Feeling sad, Fears, Loneliness, Low confidence, Low self-esteem, Low self-worth, Marriage difficulties, Mental Health Issues, Money and Financial concerns, Obsessions, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Panic attacks, Passive-aggressive behaviour, Personality disorders, Phobias, Physical abuse, Porn addictions, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Post Natal Depression (PND), Trauma, Rape, Relationship issues, Redundancy, Self-Harm, Sex addictions, Sexual concerns, Spirituality, Stress, Suicidal thoughts, Supervision, Trauma, Work-related stress, Worrying obsessively, 


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Talk2 Counselling

working together - moving forwards

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