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"Roddy has helped me through a very difficult time of breakdown and depression, all of the time I felt he had a real understanding of the root causes as to why I was suffering the way I was. He gave me memorable words that I will always carry for the rest of my life, words that combat the lies we sometimes tell ourselves and that bring us down. I am aware that our past has a powerful hold on us and our present condition is strongly rooted in it.


Roddy has a no-nonsense approach to pinpoint behaviour patterns that are wrong, and that we do have power over them despite us thinking that we do not, I am glad he was not "soft" on me at times! I would recommend him to any man struggling with life at any time, Roddy knows how to help".

Mike C

"Hi Roddy – I wanted to say thank you for the session last week.  It’s already made a huge difference and whilst I felt completely drained after, as it was quite heavy, it was really helpful and important". 

Anonymous - Female 

"I guess I’m quite typical for a man - generally not very good at opening up and sharing thoughts and feelings. So, when I finally decided I needed to find someone to talk things through with, I was keen to find that one person, that one profile among many, whom I thought I could relate most closely to and feel secure about opening up to.

I was lucky to find Roddy - firstly that he had a weekly slot which suited us both (he’s in great demand) and secondly that with his guidance and support, I’ve been able to examine and address my issues.

Roddy has been a huge support and has been fundamental in getting my mind sorted and back on track. I would recommend anyone who is even considering counselling to get in touch with Roddy - it may just be the most important call you make". 


"I met with Roddy after having seen 6 other counsellors and psychiatrists. Right from the start I felt comfortable and at ease with him.  I have struggled with anorexia nervosa and mental health disorders for many years and have been admitted to the Priory Hospital.  


I cannot overemphasise the help that I have received from Roddy. For the first time in my life, I felt that I was treated like a normal human being and not just a condition.  At the end of my therapy, I have managed to throw away my scales, I have bought new clothes as I was using my old clothes to measure myself, my relationship with my husband is greatly improved and I am no longer controlled by my eating disorder. 


I cannot recommend Roddy highly enough". 

Anonymous - Female 

"I benefitted massively from the counselling sessions with Roddy. Having had some counselling before I kind of knew what to expect but from our first session I found that he created a brilliant environment in which it was easy to talk through things, clearly identify issues and discuss different strategies. He catered our meetings very well to what I had been going through each week and I really appreciated the calm space he gave to be able to go through concerns and help understand myself better. 


I particularly found helpful his calm and positive manner that helped me openly share what I had been going through and always left me feeling encouraged.  There was a really good balance between having someone listen and clearly communicate back to me what I was saying and thinking as well as stepping in at the right moments with advice and guidance. 


Sessions included some really helpful exercises and metaphors to understand how I think and feel in ways that have had a really positive impact on my outlook and wellbeing. 


I now have a far better awareness of myself and my responses to different situations. 


Overall the counselling sessions that I had with Roddy have been a fantastic form of support, at a time when I really needed it, and I feel well equipped to deal with life's challenges going forward".

Anonymous - Male 

"After suffering from extreme guilt, anxiety and low self-esteem Roddy has provided the light at the end of the tunnel and each week with his caring approach, understanding and patience the light has grown. I now understand where a lot of my problems started and would happily recommend Roddy to others".


"I was severely anxious when I first came to counselling with Roddy but I immediately felt comfortable, respected and heard.


Over the weeks we have worked with current and childhood matters/blocks/fears, looking for links and holding very difficult feelings. We have worked together to find unhelpful ways of thinking and how these can be remodelled and better ways created.


I would highly recommend Roddy Macdonald".

Regards Chris

"Even in the free introductory session, Roddy enabled me to see things completely differently, very quickly. He encouraged me to change my thinking and approach to life in a new and refreshing way.

Roddy has a knack of revealing and crystallising golden nuggets of truth, which have been buried under murky lies for many years.

For me, his coaching was a very affirming and helpful experience, which has helped me break free from a negative cycle".   


"I have recommended others to Roddy as I found him a compassionate, understanding and insightful Counsellor, who helped me restore a very damaged relationship with a loved one. Thank you Roddy for all you do."

Anonymous - Male

"I started seeing Roddy for help with anxiety and low self-esteem. From the first session he was warm and friendly, providing me with a space that made me feel comfortable and able to share things with him.


Through several sessions, I started to feel a lot better as he taught me how to manage my emotions and have a more positive mindset. Furthermore, his Christian perspective helped to reinforce gospel truths in my life and taught me how to lean on God.


I cannot recommend Roddy enough, I am so much better for having seen him over the course of the past eight months."


"Roddy is an exceptionally kind person who makes you feel comfortable and allows you to open up with ease. We worked together closely to address childhood trauma and relationship issues and found helpful ways to equip me with the right communication and life skills to resolve them. For anyone who is hesitant in exploring the world of counselling, I would highly recommend Roddy who will be there with you every step of the way and make it worth it".  

Anonymous - Male 

"Roddy shows up in each supervision as a very authentic and caring person. He holds space well and I never felt judged or like there was any client issue I couldn’t bring. He impressed upon me the importance of self-care and how to avoid burn out which was of great use to me. I enjoyed working with him and found his support and encouragement very affirming and helpful for my work and my process". 


"I had a number of sessions with Roddy at the start of 2023 after a bruising couple of years running a growing business. He helped me to unpick some of the feelings I had been experiencing and devise a plan to move towards a resolution. The sessions I had were really important in unpicking these insights and I am super grateful for his time and input"

Anonymous - Mal

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