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What are we looking for when we are looking for a relationship?

In Relationships, we often go looking for the following:-

Someone who is Ambitious.

Someone who is Good fun to be around.

Someone who is Good looking.

Someone who has a Good job.

Someone who is tall dark and Handsome or,

Someone who is Gorgeous.

Someone who is Spiritual.

But these aren't the reasons why relationships break up… These are:

They Never Listen.

They are Always Critical.

They are Controlling.

They are Manipulative.

There is a Lack of Trust.

They are Always Judgmental.

They seem to be Angry all the time
They are Distant and not Engaged.
They are Disconnected.

And the outcome is:

We go looking for success, charm, good looks, status, education, talentsaccomplishments, giftedness or service, but then later, we experience the pain and reality of the relationship and their character and then...
We suffer the pain of all our failed relationships.


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